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The Rules of the Site Empty The Rules of the Site

Post  Annoyingness on Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:15 am

Yes, we have rules. Every forum has them. Though this is a creative writing site, I have also heard creative language that should not be uttered. I mean, of course we occasionally say these four letter words, but not on this site.

There is not to be shorthand such as:

You= U
Are= R
Because= Bcz

If this site did have these 'abbreviations', then it would look very messy. Of course, if it looked neat, then I'd have to tell everyone to mess it around a little. I, for one, don't like clean and neat things, as I am not a tidy person. I allow posts to go messy, but not too messy. Neat, but not too neat. There is also the case of correct punctuation and grammar. This is a writing site, after all. Edit your posts if you see any mistakes, and always double check it after you have written it. And then you can post it. Very Happy

Also, there should not be any double-posting. That would be considered spam and I will talk to that member about it if I see anything against the rules.

Everybody should be nice to everyone else, and I am sure you will be able to follow this particular rule, as I am sure you all are very nice people. *threatening glare*

Thanks. Rolling Eyes

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